Community Garden

Community Garden

Engaging with the Community in a Project with Shared Values. Re-using, repurposing and recycling Contributing produce for the Market Stall. Providing community space for people to enjoy/engage with and share God’s hospitality/produce...

2019 saw a new phase in the life of our Community garden as existing volunteers lay down the responsibility!! People connected to the 'Open Kitchen' are exploring how to bring working bees and a vision for a new stage this year. To begin with a 'lazy no dig garden' has been added to the fence line hoping for produce in time for the 'Open Kitchen' 4th Friday night in February!! The Garden will change shape, there's a dream for labelling, signage and a public book borrowing library!! Pending approval, just dreaming out loud!!

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The Community Garden has an emphasis on sustainability, both with planting and the materials used in the garden. A small group of gardeners meets in front of the Op shop at approx. 2.30pm on Mondays and would welcome any new enthusiasts. Later in 2016 we are looking at some workshops and special occasions in the garden. There will be some benches and a new work table added plus citrus, passionfruit and a few odds and sods… it’s a work in progress!! People are welcome to help themselves to produce!! Come along, we’d love to meet you… ...
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