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Live@5 24th November 2019 🗓

Our intergenerational all age event 5pm to 6.30pm 4th Sundays of the month!!  Here we are in November, gathering on the 24th for an activity, story sharing, celebration, plus a meal together!!  we will explore the story of Jesus, God become ‘one of us’ and celebrate 2019!! ALL WELCOME!!

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Live@5 27th October “Tell-a-vision” 🗓

5pm to 6.30pm All Age Intergen event including dinner!! Foyer games + Story + Video + Building stuff!! If you ruled the world…

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Live@5 September 2019

This month we tidy, explore and plant in the Community Garden with a view to re-elivening the space as a place of potential community connection. It reflects the parable of the MUSTARD SEED and the shape of the Kingdom of God. “From Little Things Big Things Grow” is not only a song but the truth of energetic, spirited commitment to sharing story, time and place… 5pm to 6.30pm fourth Sundays of the month for all ages and generations together!!

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Live@5 🗓

An intergenerational gathering for all ages focused on children, youth & families exploring how we live out our hope of serving those in need and growing our Christian faith and community!!! August 2019 5pm to 6.30pm includes theme “SAY SOMETHING”, groups, fun, music and a simple shared meal!! ALL WELCOME…

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Closure a Huge Loss

“At a time when public spaces and ways to gather as a community are being increasingly privatised, the loss of Morisset Country Club (“Golf club game over”, Lakes Mail, May 23) is a huge blow to the growing area.

Golf, bowls, food, live music, functions and the RSL sub-branch reflect the value of community gathering space where people find enjoyment and belonging. As community organisations, churches, schools and activities all experience the challenge of meeting the hurts and hopes of people in an anxious, busy world, this only adds to the stresses. The pain from the loss of jobs and its impact on the community is already evident with the closure in immediate effect. Drysdale Metals own the land, no question. But hopefully the loss of space is enough for Lake Macquarie City Council to keep the existing zoning, affirming the value of the community activity it represents.

The Country Club board and members need to know they have our support and encouragement to take up the fight for the future of this community space.” My Letter to the Editor, Lakes Mail 30th May 2019

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The Problem of Social Media

In a massively busy start to the year and a hectic Easter season there has been much to reflect on. People have been killed and injured in places of worship (including New Zealand and Sri Lanka), the Notre Dame Cathedral fire offers a metaphor for the place of the ‘good news’ in secular society, Rugby League players continue to allegedly behave badly, Israel Folau brings on his own sacking with a zealous tweet inspired by a piece of Scripture (with an unfolding story about Christian faith, freedom of speech or professional player contracts and the ethos and values of their employing body). This week a group of friends have posted final images before a fatal car accident and their own hospital snaps even though their friend was killed and another driver is also seriously injured in hospital. What happened to them surely makes a joke of the “it didn’t happen unless it’s on Facebook or Instagram!” AND in our own Federal Election we find one candidate after another from various parties falling over after strings of offensive or inappropriate material, not to mention the idiot in the Al Jazeera videos…

A common questionable, destructive or vitriolic thread has been the place of social media in all these happenings. It relates to what we would or wouldn’t know, whether a story is global in minutes and who or what moderates these spaces. In moments social media is a brilliant communication tool and then it’s simply destructive to community and shared living. Thought bubbles, private views, exposure of falsehoods and hypocrisy, sensitive information, uncovered truth, banal images, violence, and opinion masquerading as fact add to the anxiety and stress of a world in pain that’s rejected many paths to a better world and life. What next?

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Term 2 Experiments 2019

There are any number of ways children, youth & families could gather for worship at a time and in ways that work for them!! Once a month on Sunday, for a Kids Club, Messy Church or special one off events!! In term 1 we will begin to meet and plan a monthly Sunday afternoon early evening gathering for Term 2 to experiment with a purpose made gathering. It will include music, celebration, story, visuals, craft, community building, food and interaction across generations.

A planning team will put together a few events and promote this widely in our community!! All will be welcome to ‘taste and see’ whether this offers meaning, space and discipleship for those it’s aimed to serve!!

Child hands painted in colorful paints ready for hand prints

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God’s Story Our Story

Coming soon!! A Photo Essay Exhibition and a chance to ‘put ourselves in the picture’ and share about our discipleship and faith journey!!

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“Open Kitchen” Food and a Chat

The “Open Kitchen” Team have started at Morisset Uniting “Church in the Trees” on last Fridays of the month 6-8pm all welcome (4pm to help prepare and set up) even if it’s to enjoy the meal and engage in the conversation all participants in our church are welcome to join guests from the wider community!!

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Ai Weiwei’s “Law of the Journey”

“Ai Weiwei’s “Law of the Journey”, 2017, a 60-metre inflatable boat filled with more than 200 oversized figures, made from the same rubber used to manufacture the precarious vessels that carry refugees across the Aegean Sea from Turkey to Greece, fills the cavernous space of a former industrial workshop on Cockatoo Island in Sydney…

A remarkable part of Sydney’s Biennale, I’m glad I made it there for a flying visit. It’s time we changed our policy in this country. Spend our billions on UNHCR Processing Centres in Asia, negotiate a fair share of the security and response across those countries, put pressure on Myanmar about the Rohinga peoples. Re-enliven settlement programs, fund Multicultural Networks, be honest about the boats that are still coming and deal with the situation before they need to… being honest about it…

In the Hebrew Scriptures, the words “gûr” and “gēr” are often read as the “stranger,” though also translated as “newcomer” and “alien” or “resident alien,” respectively. There are arrangements about farmers retaining crops for those in need, encouragements to care for others and it’s part of the Israelites own story. In the New Testament, for example in Matthew 25: 31-40, where the stranger is Jesus in disguise…